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 From left, Coal Queen first runner up Abigail Claire Rocks of New Salem, 17, Bituminous Coal Queen Holly Lesko of Smithfield, center, 17, and Coal Queen second runner up Lauren Zelnis of Centerville, 17, dance to Maroon 5's "Girls Like You" on their parade float before the start of the 65th Annual King Coal Parade Saturday, August 25, 2018 in the parking lot of the Skyview Drive-In in Carmichaels. Naming an annual Coal Queen is one way in which the communities of Greene County continue to honor and remember their extensive history with the coal mining industry. As Coal Queen, Lesko will have the opportunity to speak in front of the House of Representatives in Harrisburg as well as tour an active coal mine.
 Matt, a cannabis caregiver located in Mesa County, Colorado, walks through his rooms of plants, caring for each as if a child, preparing them for his patients. With only one dispensary in Mesa county, the state allows him to grow for more than the legal limit of five patients.
 Maine Kawashima waits to take the stage as a white swan during a dress rehearsal for the Tulsa Ballet's current production of "Swan Lake" at the Tulsa Ballet in Tulsa, Friday March, 17, 2017.